It's Ok To be Single...

What does it mean to be single in today's world...?

It seems that in today's world dating has become this impossible game to win. As much as we try, we always end up 'losing' the big game. So we get to the point that we start to question if there is something wrong with us. Are we too picky or should we just settle?  

I am here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I truly believe there is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and need in your life. A life partner should be able to add on to your already established peace and happiness, not be your entire peace and happiness. When I say that to a group of singles, I always get the ones that completely agree, and then there are those that look at me like I am crazy. To the ones that look at me like I am crazy, let me explain...

The common denominator I have encountered while meeting singles at my events is that we are all looking for the exact same thing. L-O-V-E, but somehow, we don't know how to communicate that to our potential partner. I've interviewed in average about 50+ singles in the last 6 months, and they have all said the same thing to me, "I want someone I can spend time with, with no drama.", and every single time I just smile. When we are single we create a "safety bubble". We have already created our own peace and happiness in which, we are able to control everything in it from jobs, friends, hobbies, relationships, etc. When we allow someone to come into our bubble, we are expecting them to bring their best intentions and energy into it. This is that famous "no drama" requirement. 

So, if you are recently single or have been single for a while, let me tell you one more time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Being single is the best time to create this safety bubble for yourself. We have the time to pursue dreams, careers, and passions. We are able to work on ourselves and understand our wants and needs. Being single doesn't mean that you have a hex or that you are alone. Embrace your singleness, love every minute of it, because let's be honest, at some point in your new relationship you'll miss the time alone you once had. So here is my challenge for you. Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for being single right now. Make a list of all the things you still want to do while you are single, give yourself a deadline and try to check off as many things as you can before you decide to get yourself into another relationship. Remember that when we are grateful for the things that we have the things we want follow it. 



Moonlight Devi