Navigating the Maze of Modern Dating

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, the landscape of romance has evolved dramatically. New terms and trends are constantly emerging, making it feel like we're navigating a complex maze. But don't be afraid! I'm here to guide you through this maze, helping you understand and thrive in today's romantic crazy landscape. Below are some of the most common, but not ALL, modern dating terms out there, and I provide you a "how to" deal with them strategy if this ever happens to you. 

Ghosting: The Disappearing Act

Let's start with a term that's become all too common: ghosting. This is when someone you're dating suddenly cuts off all communication, disappearing like a ghost. It's a painful experience, leaving you confused and questioning what  and what you did wrong.

How to deal with it: If you've been ghosted, remember that it's a reflection of the ghoster's inability to handle conflict, not your worth. Take time to process your emotions, and then move forward with grace. Don't let the fear of ghosting hold you back from opening your heart to new possibilities.

Benching: The Waiting Game

Benching is when you're kept on the sidelines, not quite in the game but not out of it either. The person you're dating keeps you around as an option but never fully commits.

How to deal with it: Recognize your worth. You deserve someone who wants you in their starting lineup, not on the bench. Communicate your feelings and if things don't change, it might be time to leave the game and find a team that values you. Tell me when did you ever see Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, or Kobe on the bench...??? 

Breadcrumbing: The Trail of Crumbs

Breadcrumbing is when someone leads you on with just enough attention to keep you interested, but never enough to commit. It's like following a trail of crumbs that leads nowhere.

How to deal with it: Be aware of the signs and trust your instincts. If you feel like you're being breadcrumbed, address the situation. If the pattern continues, it's time to stop following the crumbs and find someone who's ready to share the whole loaf. This is no Hanzel and Gretel story, we all know how that one ended. 

Zombieing: The Return from the Dead

Zombieing happens when someone who ghosted you suddenly reappears in your life, acting as if nothing happened. It can be disorienting and frustrating and sometimes scary!

How to deal with it: Take control of the situation. Decide if you're open to giving them another chance or if it's better to keep the door closed. Set clear boundaries and communicate your expectations. Decide if you want to join the MJ Thriller crew  or run for your life. Remember what they say about zombies...they like brains because they have none, cherish yours ;) 

Cushioning: The Safety Net

Cushioning is when someone in a relationship keeps flirting with others as a "safety net" in case things don't work out. It's a sign of insecurity and lack of commitment.

How to deal with it: Honesty is key. If you suspect cushioning, have an open conversation about your concerns and what you both want from the relationship. If trust can't be established, it might be time to move on. Plus whoever wants to be a back up plan for anyone? I know I don't, DO YOU?! 

Navigating modern dating can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Embrace the adventure, learn from each experience, and remember that you deserve a love that's true and committed.


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Love & Light, 

Sarai Tave