Moonlight Devi

Welcome Goddess! I am so happy that you took the time to meet me here!!

As you might know by now, I created this business to help women tap into that sexy feminine side we all have, but sometimes we are too scared or embarrassed to acknowledge. So in order for you to completely understand where I am coming from and what my full intention is,  I am about to share some very personal details about my life. 

My name is Sarai, I am 34 years old and have one daughter, which I adore and is the main reason I am still living and breathing. My life has had some really high highs and some extremely lows. I have battled depression and an eating disorder that I have slowly gotten better at. Some days I still struggle with food and other days I absolutely love food. Ever since I can remember, I had my life planned out. Finish school, get married, have some kids and live happily ever after. You know the whole fairy tale life that the majority of us grow up with. Life had other plans for me though. I had my baby when I was 22. I finished school pregnant and with no idea what I was going to do anymore. I was not with her father but wanted to give her a family at any cost. The mental abuse that I lived in that relationship was one of the reasons I became closed off to a lot of opportunities in my life. When I finally decided to leave that relationship, my perspective in life completely changed. My confidence and self-esteem got a boost and life started to smile at me again. My career at an upscale boutique in town took off, and I finally found myself. I started teaching at the local community college, a dream that was on my to-do list for later in life. I then met a man that completely rocked my world. I was at a  point in my life where I was looking for love but wasn't convinced 100%. And here he was charming and handsome and a foreigner. My oh my did I love him. I learned so much about myself with him. My dreams and goals changed once I got to see the world thru his eyes. Life all of a sudden didn't seem so bad. But just like in any movie there's always a plot twist. 

 About four years ago my life took a turn in a major unexpected way. I left the job that I dearly loved and had worked so hard to get for something “better” or what I thought was better for me at that moment. Even though I loved my job, and let me tell you did I LOVE that job so much, the toxicity around me was something I could no longer handle. Once I was gone, I knew that I had made a mistake but continued my new path. I thought I had it all, until I didn't.

I still remember every detail of that day, I lost my job, and I couldn’t go back to my old job, I felt so lost but once again I put on a brave face and continued my journey. I had the support of my boyfriend and decided to open up an online store. Things were ok but not perfect, not how I wanted it at least. I was so scared because anything I did at this point would not only affect me but my daughter. There was conversations of finally running away with my boyfriend to a far away country  Then things got worse, that perfect boyfriend I had, turned out to not be so perfect after all, and I went into a massive depression. I thought that having experienced heartbreak and a horrible relationship before, I would be able to shake this one off like nothing, but that’s not what happened. I spent the first 8 months of that break up living on cruise control mode. I woke up went to work, went home, sometimes didn’t even eat, and then do it all over again every day. I think I lived in shock for those 8 months. Nothing made sense, I was in an extremely dark place but the only thing that kept me going was once again my daughter. I felt like I was not enough for anything or anyone. I gave up on my dream of my store, which added to my feelings of failure. I had given up on myself, my dreams, my life. I really didn’t want to be around. Familiar feelings started to creep up. You know the ones where all you want is an out. Yes those feelings came back fast and I questioned everything. Would my daughter be ok without me? Would she turn out to be someone successful if I was not there. Would she hate me for not trying harder? Would she be weak like me and give up as well? All I could think of was her and what she would think of me. I lived with those thoughts for a long time. 

Then 2020 happened. The world was upside down and a big mess. The world stopping really helped me take notice of what was important in my life. Besides my daughter the most important other person in it was me. I slowly realized how important it was to love myself first in order to gain the confidence I had years ago, when I felt I was on top of the world. I decided to go to therapy during our quarantine time, and it was the best gift I could give myself! My passion for something bigger and better came back. I started talking to new people. Surrounding myself with people that had the same energy that I was putting out there. Not going to lie 2020 was my year of many blessings. I met amazing friends and got my life back on track. Moonlight Devi was a product of 2020 that in many ways has defined my new purpose. 

There's so many things I want to do with this business! I want to hold workshops to help women with self confidence, self love, self image. Workshops where we talk about taboo topics. Workshops where we talk about motherhood, single life, married life, LIFE in general. I want to sell clothes, accessories, make-up. I want to do it all and I will do it all. So long story short I want Moonlight Devi to be your place to go to always feel embraced, loved, cheered on, beautiful, sexy, and most of all the bad ass woman you already are!