We are women, but do we HAVE to do it all...???

Hello my lovely Goddesses...

It's been a while, I have been out there looking for topics to discuss and write about. I have so many topics I want to cover, that my thoughts just runaway from me. But lets start with this question...how many times in a previous or current relationship have you ever felt like the spark was gone? We are hard working women and we get tired its true. Some of us have full time jobs and children to take care of, that when we crawl into bed, the only thing we want to do is sleep. I know I've been there, and these are the times I thank myself for being single. LOL! 

In some conversations with some friends recently, I was presented a scenario. A close friend was venting and telling me how frustrated he felt that him and his significant other had lost part of the spark they had. I of course wanted to jump to her defense, but continued listening to what he had to say. He went on to explain that he loves her, and has tried to "spice things up". When I asked him what exactly he had done, he went ahead and gave me a list of all the things he wanted HER to do. At that point I was not ok with the response. All I did was ask, but what have YOU done for her? He then said "like I told you, I bought her things." I then responded well that doesn't sound like what SHE wants, that's what YOU want. He then of course laughed and said "you are right". Of course I was right what else could he possibly say at that point!! Right?! 

This got me thinking and wondering....is this how all men think? Is this what men expect women to do when the spark is gone? Is this one of the reasons men cheat and justify it? Because WE didn't try hard enough? 

Why do men think that having a happy healthy relationship lies in the hands of the woman, and the duties and fantasies we fulfill. 

Later that night, I sent him a set of pictures, telling him, "you should do something special for her" perhaps a photoshoot like this one? The response I got...."are you out of your mind?" See in my humble opinion, here's the thing about that double standard, when women ask for romance and spark we are only expecting the same energy we put into our relationship. When men ask for "spark" they want the equivalent of a porn star in bed. Why do we, women, have to do it all, and on top of that make sure we "look decent" so that men don't go off and cheat or leave?  

My dear Goddess, love yourself and don't lower your standards for anyone. We can do it all but we don't HAVE to do it all, especially in our romantic relationships. It is ok to ask your  partner to reciprocate the same energy you put into your relationship, and if he doesn't want to then....maybe its time to go find someone else that will. 

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