The Singles Network

Let’s clear up what The Singles Network is all about. This was created to get singles together for fun adventures and the possibility of finding love.
✨Will you find love here? It is possible. Our events are catered to get singles with similar interest together. Remember in order to develop a healthy relationship you need to have similar interests.
✨What if I don’t want a relationship right now? That is completely ok. You can still come meet new friends and have new experiences. As mentioned this is to make new single friends.
✨What is the ratio of women to men? Every event is different, but at the end of the day it’s about making new memories wether it be an all woman’s or man’s event.
✨I’m not really outgoing will I have fun? This is the perfect place for you to come and get yourself out of your comfort zone. Come try one of our classes or workshops you might even develop a new interesting hobby!
✨What if I need help with dating? You can always schedule a private appointment to go over your dating patterns and why they are not working. We can work on different core beliefs, energetically divorce you from old partners, and put you on the right path to manifest the love and relationship you need in your life. 💕✨